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obrigado, mr. pope, for feed-back on my query. .. A/ my gut instinct was always indeed to bond the hyrcanus {hasmonean} folks to the herod family, so i delight in your suggesting same line of inquiry. No one else seems to suggest this possibility when, to moi at least, it seems so obvious.

.. B/ are you averring that mariamme II and cleopatra of jerusalem were one person ? Goes againt accepted wisdom, but i'm beginning to see 'accepted wisdom' can be wrong. Yet, it APPEARS that mariamme II was of boethian--oniad line of temple high-priests. It looks like, though, there WAS an egyptian connection when we see JEWISH temple at egypt's leontopolis was apparently established by a bloke from the oniad line of priests.

C/ does it seem bizarre to forum-mavens that there seems to be a 'willful ignorance' re forebears of herods ? A conspiracy of silence ? Folks like kokkinos and richardson spend hundreds of pages
detailing the post--antipagter herods, yet ZERO pages in attempting to derive ROOTS of herod clan. Doesn't make sense. Either historians would 'normally' drop the herod family completely... or they would show some initiative in tracing the EARLY lineage of family.

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