Herod's Pedigree
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Lots of clues. Certainly the father and grandfather of Herod the Great had some combination of Ptolemaic, Seleucid, and Roman ancestry.

1) Antipater grandfather of Herod was made governor of Edom/Idumaea by John Hyrcanus. Implies kinship with John Hyrcanus and therefore Ptolemaic heritage.

2) Antipater father of Herod was married to Cypros (epithet of Isis) of Petra, which was probably a Ptolemaic possession at this time. This Antipater was appointed a Roman procurator, an office usually reserved for Romans. Antipater was also considered a close friend of Julius Caesar. This again implies a family/blood tie. In the following post I speculated that Antipater might have been the given name of Ptolemy of Cyprus. But perhaps Ptolemy of Cypros is a better candidate for Herod's grandfather Antipater. Another loose end is the identity of Mithradates VI who gave Rome such a fight.

4) The fact that Herod nowhere seems to boast of Ptolemaic/Hasmonean or Seleucid ancestry is suspicious. His apparent Roman nickname of Pantera/Panthera is suspicious. His being raised and educated in Rome (as Jubba II) is suspicious.

5) Two queens of Herod, Glaphyra of Cappadocia and Mariamne II/Cleopatra of Jerusalem were probably descendants of Mark Antony. The grandmother of Glaphyra was a mistress of Mark Antony.

Cleopatra of Jerusalem is more certainly the daughter of Mark Antony by Cleopatra VII.

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