One Minute with Peter O'Toole
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Yes, Saul (Kamose) was directed by "the Lord" Jesse (Tao I) to rub out Agag (Tao II), but either refused or was too slow in doing it.

The movie actually shows Agag about to be cut down by Samuel (Jesse's half-brother and high priest), who is played in a cameo appearance by Peter O'Toole! According to one review, there is in fact a midrashic tradition linking Haman to Agag and a blood feud against Mordecai and the Jews.

Midrash or not, it is a totally implausible, even ridiculus explanation for anti-Semitism, and I agree with another reviewer that the Agag-Samuel scene would have been better left out.

Here's a couple of other interesting reviews:,,1339692,00.html