Judges or Maccabeans?

Charles, again you have done a wonderful job of comparing or rather presenting a very stong argument that the Biblical narratives is a rather good history of the real Israel which was in Egypt, etc.

I have absolutely no problem with your connections and I do have a suggestion for you. And, I think I also noticed that you barely touched on the times of the Judges in your book, although I could be wrong on that point.

A long time ago, I read a lot about the time of the Judges, and it seems that I did, at that time, seem to make some strong connections between the Judges and the time of the Hasmoneans or the Makkabees / Maccabees, etc.

While I have not thought about it for a long time, and while I do not have any notes available, I just wondered if you had made any comparisons with the two?

As I remember, some of the connections were fairly obvious and, of course, others were not so obvious. Of course if only the Hasmonean times were real, then the time of the Judges whould have to be wrong, if the connections are really there?



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