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Guys, it is really simple.

The Fomenko theory, which if you would read his books, is really a series of conclusions based upon the mathematical correlation of historical material, whereby multiple matches in events seem to show that there was only one original story that was artificially removed in to one, two or even three differing time periods of the past. Thus a real event that happened in say 1500 CE, was moved back to 1200 CE, and again moved back to 200 CE, and finally back to 300 BCE! Along the way names and places move around, sometimes deliberately sometimes not. This "sometimes not", is based upon a realization that famous personalities of the past were not known by their names but by throne names or nicknames, etc. Places or place names have become different because of the attempts of modern historians to place events in places where the recent name of the area is considered the ancient one, etc. (maps).

With royal personages the throne name might well be something like Great, strong, virile, conqueroring, hero, with godlike qualities! But his nickname with both his followers and enemies might be different, thus he might be "The big red headded goofus", or the "Great Knight of Warfare", etc. It might be as simple as "good" and "evil?", "big" and "fat?", "smart" and "stupid", etc.

I could go on, but it would be a dis-service to Charles to further promote another theory on his site.

The only way to get a real grasp of the theory is to read the books!

But, as I said in the previous post, certain things like the use of the lower case "i" in dates (i629) or a lower case "j" (j629)etc., does in the Fomenko theory tend to date the times as years after Jesus (j), or Iesus (i) and since so many other events are predicated upon the time of Jesus being from 1 CE to 33 CE, then a major reconfiguration of time is necessary.

In other words, the figure we today refer to as Jesus the Messiah, really existed only 1,000 years ago or less, and it is likely under the Fomeko stance to place his life and death or persecution to Asia Minor and Byzantium. The events of the Trojan war are transferred to Italy, and the "Babylonian captivity" is nothing more than the Roman pope in France!

In a similar vein, there was no "Golden Age" of Greece, and the so called ancient sites of Rome, Greece, Asia Minor and the Levant in general, are really sites of the early Middle Ages, what today we might call the "Dark Ages!" The real Temple of Solomon is found today in Istanbul (St. Sophia)!, or is the "Dome of the Rock" in Jerusalem! Note "Rock" and "Peter" can be substituted for each other, and "Wisdom" and "Solomon" share a similar relationship!

Charles' site, is a wonderful addition to the Fomenko theory, even though he (Charles) is of an attitude much like yours in that regard. But his unigue ability to "connect the dots", so to speak, and make startling connections, does make history more of a play (with actors playing differing parts), than a real history.


Aga Mem Ron

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