Simon Peter, Paul and Mary!
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In part you wrote;

"I haven't read Morgan's book. However, I think it is now safe to assume that Paul was one and the same as Simon/Lazarus, which Grail lore makes the bosom buddy of Mary Magdalene (Helen II) and an evangelist in Britain."

So, now we have a Simon Peter and a Simon Paul? Can we also have a "Simon Mary?" LOL

But seriously folks, take my wife, please?

Fomenko, etal, takes the study of Mary of the "high tower" to a greater extreme. He postulates that she was one and the same as the women who protected and financed a great pope in Rome, in his battles with a German Holy Roman Emperor! One in fact, that in the current history, humbled and groveled before the pope under her "high tower" (Migdal, fortress, thus Migdalene. The pope, Gregory!