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If indeed he has "As far as Fomenko, my grandfather has records, deeds, titles and objects that go back to +1627 Jamestown, Virginia." then you do indeed have objects of real value!

But, if in reality, he has copies of land grants, etc., with the name of someone that someone has identified as one of your predecessors, then he has nothing more than I! Presumably, my ancestors also settled in the James City County area (which includes James Towne), about 1630!

The names involved are Rowland and White, just for a few!

But, just what does 1627 have to do with anything regarding Fomenko?

Certainly Fomenko, etal, would question a date written as i 627, which has been found on certain articles! Fomenko, etal, might consider that a date written such, might indicate that it was only 627 years since the time of the figure that we today associate as being the Christ! Thus the "i" would indicate "Iesus" or more simply Jesus!



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