A chariot or a cart?
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You wrote;

"For our purposes, I /We are attempting to bring out “only” one arena and one theme, with that being that Ramses II was contemporary with Akhenaten in -550. We have no interest in rewriting all history, only one chapter."

Assuming a middle date for the "large thighed king", he reportedly lived about 1340 BCE! And his / your's comtemporary Ramesses II is reported by the current experts on this subject, to have lived about 550 BCE! Thus, via simple arithematic, you have rewriten history by removing about 790 years from the accepted history of Egypt. And, via the same brain storm, you whould also make the history of other nations have to contract by a like amount. That is if you accept that 550 BCE is more correct than 1340? If you place both of them in 1340 BCE then you likewise are rewriting history by moving connections (those of Ramesses II) farther back into the past than current scholastic thinking is willing to do.

So, do not make statements like "We have no interest in rewriting all history, only one chapter." when that is exactly what your connection would do!

I, on the other hand, as you well know, since you dissed Fomenko at another part of this site, whould do away with most all of this stuff.

But, whether like me or like Charles, we are all "rewriting history" and 790 years, one way or another, is not a triffling matter.



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