. ..but why didn't they tell us in sunday school

we realize, though, that 'apochryfal' does not NECESSARILY equate with 'incorrect.' Yet, let us ASSUME for the nonce that the 14 daughters of jacob business is indeed incorrect.

we STILL, even believing information to be erronesous, must ask such questions as 'why is there such a ''hush--hush'' aspect about the details ?' - - - 'WHY did YARNS emerge re 14 daughters.'

This last question begs MYRIAD other questions. Why 14 daugfhters?? Why not 12 ? Why not 44 daughters ?? Isn't all that symmetry odd ? Why did FALSE tales emerge re 11 brothers having twin sisters while benjamin FALSELY is rumored to be born as a set of TRIPLETS ?

IN OTher words, mr. pope, i'm suggesting that the SCUTTLEBUT, even if 2000 percent erroenous, is ATTEMPTING to tell us something. Unfortunately, i have zero idea of what that 'something' is.

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