Aakheperure of the 18th Dynasty
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In my on-line book I identified Aakheprure ("Benjamin") as a son of Amenhotep II ("Jacob") by Merit-Amon ("Rachel").

However, he may have in fact been sired by Thutmose IV ("Judah") upon Merit-Amon. In myth, Horus the Younger (Benjamin) was the son of Horus the Elder (Judah) rather than Re (Jacob). In the days of Sargon the Great (the Jacob of that generation), his "son" Gudea (the Benjamin) was sired by Rimush (the Judah). We would expect the same pattern in the Egyptian 18th Dynasty, but of course it was not always possible to reproduce it exactly due to infertility (caused by incest) and other factors.

Note that my spelling of Aakheprure is slightly different than yours.