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Mr. Pope,

As I had once mentioned, a Senior Project has nothing to do with being right or wrong but rather about attempt and detail. My older brother who is also a collage graduate, like my sister, can only talk about surfing and playing with computers and refuses to discuss history. Gnarly, huh, dude!

Your chart 5b indicates Amenhotep II ruling around -680 and Ramses II around -560. My personal timeline has Ramses II living from -610 to -526, so there is some apparent agreement here.

Do you have a better breakdown during this period and how you arrived at your dates?

Was the mummy known as Usermontu (- 600) ever used in your calculation?

I have a tendency to agree with Oscar Calle, especially referring to Laugh or Cry regarding Fomenko! Next thing you know, well be told that Jimmy Hoffa was poured in cement in the pyramids as ordered by Fred Flintstone.


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