One Night with the Queen

One of the religious channels broadcast "One Night with the King" on New Year's Eve. By the way, wasn't New Year's Eve the traditional time in Babylon for the hierogamus ceremony in which the king (as Dumuzi/Osiris) cheated death and renewed his rule by sleeping with the queen in the guise of the goddess Ishtar/Innana/Isis?

The production and acting were high quality. But the film established itself immediately as fantasy by characterizing the "bad guy" Haman as the descendant of the Amalekite king Agag, and who was seeking revenge on the Jews for the death (centuries earlier) of his forefather at the hands of Samuel. According to the movie, the pregnant queen of Agag had also been captured along with her husband, but had managed to escape and sire a son to carry on his line and the blood-feud with the Jews! There does not seem to be any biblical or extra-biblical basis for such a speculation.

The informed readers of this site know that the name Agag is just a bastardized form of the name Apop (Apepi/Apophis). The true identity of king Agag was Apophis II/Tao II, and his executioners were not from a rival clan but very close family relations. In Egypt, Apep was a serpent deity slain by the god Set, and as such was a representation of Horus the Elder, who was killed by Set. In Hebrew tribal typecasting, Horus the Elder corresponds to "Judah" and Set is "Levi". The ritual sacrifice (by hacking to pieces) of Agag was a redramatization of the killing of Horus the Elder by Set, after which he was called "Horus which is in Osiris".

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