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Mr. Hughes,

For our purposes, I /We are attempting to bring out “only” one arena and one theme, with that being that Ramses II was contemporary with Akhenaten in -550. We have no interest in rewriting all history, only one chapter.

Ramses II’s mother was Tuya and his father was Min-muaria, son of Min-pahiritaria. The home town of “Min” is Akhmin south of Thebes. Akhmin was the home town of Ay, Ty, Yuya, Tuya and location of a colossal statue of the daughter of Ramses II.

As Mr. Pope pointed out, Queens were like Queen Bees and had many husbands. Two of Akhenaten's daughters had up to four husbands. Ramses II enjoyed autonomy & freedom because he was family.

In an earlier thread, it was shown that riding on horseback was practiced during the life time of Ramses II and Horemheb. By -550 it was common practice to ride on horseback in Lydia, Media and Babylon. General Nebuchadrezzar II marched his combined army of Hyksos (horse-people) south into Judah and Egypt.

By -539, Akhenaten had put an end to all this madness and the world rested in peace under the watchful eye of the god of light and truth. The New Year began on December 21st and lasted until the next full moon. (ie. January 3rd )

We bring evidence to the table and denial is not evidence.


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