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Titan, from you post where you stated;

"One of these fellows, Thales predicted the “Total eclipse of the Sun” on May 28th, 585 BC.

Herodotus, Pliny and modern methods seem to agree with this date.

There is no doubt that someone will want to dispute this date, if for no other reason that to be... just down right argumentative.

Once you set this date, then the puzzle starts to fit together. Classic Greek and 18th dynasty Egypt were twin brothers, like Danaus & Aegyptus."

Certainly, it whould create a clearer image of the past if we used your numbers and thereby removed a thousand years from the currently accepted times of Egypt's past. It certainly makes more sense than having Mycenaean Greeks in Egypt. And, by moving the 18th Dynasty to the 7th century BCE, this also means moving subsequent and earlier dynasties forward by the same amount. This also helps to explain the very good condition of Egypts monuments when they can no longer be considered to be 4,000 (or more) years old.

In the same manner we can also eliminate the 500 to 700 year "Dark Age of Greece", which more easily explains Homer's works. In like manner we can also eliminate the "Dark Ages" or "Intermediate Periods" from Egypt's history, as well as eliminate these "created" periods of darkness from other related areas, and possibly the "Dark Ages" in Europe that supposedly followed the fall of the Roman Empire.

But that is a "horse of a differnt color" so to speak.



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