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Titan wrote;

"Am I to understand, that in your humble opinion that the sun did not exist 2592 years ago? It doesn’t take a high school student to figure out rough dates for total solar eclipse depending on ones location.

With the aid of modern computer software, it is a fair statement to make “that a Solar Eclipse did occur in Turkey” in or about that time."

Actually, with Charles not on line, I would rather not get much into that. But, I would like you to use the co-ordinates given for these assumed eclipse's, and run them a lot nearer our times, say the 12th to 17th century CE?

"Is it the event or the history that you are attempting to refute?"

Yes, and no! The event may well be real, and parts of the history may also be real. It is the presumed time of the event and the history recorded that may be thought of to have been either deliberately or accicentally removed to a time period in the ancient world rather than a world more current to ours!

However, on this site I have given some links to a site that might tend to explain this more distinctly. But the computer programe might do it also?

Happy ought seven, or what ever year it really is!


Ron (Not MR. Hughes!)

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