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what do 'we' do, mr. pope, with the fourteen daughters of jacob ? Yes, i always thought he had only the one daughter, dinah. But it appears that some talmudic scholars see jacob as having fourteen daughters. Google 'benjamin' and 'triplet' and 'jacob' and you'll find some sites stating this detail that christians seem to have 'forgotten.'

From what the url's have to say, each of eleven brothers had a TWIn sister. Benjamin was born as one--third of a set of triplets. Then, to complicate matters, each boy married one of his half--sisters..... one or two of the toffs had more than one wife. It's been suggested joseph's 'egyptian' wife was his niece, daughter of dinah.

The other question mark in my mind is... 'why has this data been suppressed among christians.' One immediately comes up with possiblity of incest theme being so scandalous. Yet the old testament has no problem with telling us of Lot's daughters begetting children via loins of Lot.

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