Pharisees and Parsees

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In the spirit of Christmas and the fact that we have the entire week off, we got to looking at the Bible and the word “Pharisees’. This word appears to mean “explainers” and relates to a school of thought.

It is interesting that this word is very close to “Parsees”, a community of the Persian Zarathustra which did not evolve until 650 BC. Zoroastrianism taught many of the concepts found in the major Abrahamic faiths, such as Heaven, Hell, Day of judgment, the concept of Satan, the prophecy and the coming of the Messiah and the extensive teaching of Angels and Evil spirits.

Zarathustra was the concept of two gods: Ahura-Mazada, the one uncreated creator who was the god of Light and Good; while Ahriman was the god of darkness and evil. Ahura denotes the class of god that are right gods, while deavas indicates devils or wrong gods. Mazda is the proper name of the god of “One’s mind” or the place of wisdom. (It is all in your head)

Sun, light and warmth all exist without belief and offer not only life but pleasure to life while the lack of “THIS” brings only decay, death and chaos.

The first human in history to push the thought of Ahura was Cyrus the Great. Cyrus saw his mission in life as the tearing down of the Evil gods and offering the one-god of Light and goodness (Aten) to the world. To affect this he needed to “Conquer the World” and control the political and social imagination of the people.

Notice how the representation of Ahura-Mazada is the same as the double wing of Egypt.

Is something going on here?


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