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Hi Helge,

Here is the opening from EA 298 "To the King, my lord, my god, my Sun, the Sun from the sky: message of Yapahu, the ruler of Gazru..." This is W. L. Moran's translation from "The Amarna letters."

You will notice the the "My Lord My god" opening is used quite often in the OT Book of Kings to refer to "God." I don't have a quote at hand, however. In the Amarns letters, though, the salutation definitely applies to the Pharoah, the 'living' god.

In early Greek thinking, the Kosmos is created through the actions of Love and Strife. They both are present in everything and the Kosmos is only what is is through the combined actions of both. Life/death, night/day, good/bad. The world operates through these oppositions. For many Philosphers, the key was to keep in balance not too much of one not too much of another! Not always an easy task. But for now...

Happy Holidays!