Tanuatamon to Tanuatamon
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Mr. Pope,

Your archive is just loaded with tons of wonderful information. We were thinking of saving most of the helpful information to a dedicated hard drive.

Thanks to another search of your site we discovered Jim Reilly, Lisa Liel and Chaim Heifetz.

Mr. Reilly has taken Cyrus the great and has installed him as King of Egypt in 543 BC.

Or in his words:

Death and defection of Egyptian mercenaries in Anatolia had seriously weakened the Babylonian garrisons in Egypt. Additionally some troops may have been recalled to defend Babylon, leaving the local administrators/mayors with little military support. Taharka died early in this, his 27th year. Tanuatamon invaded Egypt and received a hero's welcome. The first phase of the exile had ended. Cyrus sent a Persian army to Egypt, augmented by a combined Ionian/Carian naval force. Tanuatamon retreated to the south, probably exiting Egypt entirely. Egypt became, throughout its length, a Persian province. Cyrus as governor set up Psamtik. From the outset Psamtik was a king, inheriting pharaonic titles from his father. He dated his rule from 543 B.C. A fort was built at Daphne and manned with Greek mercenaries. Old Cairo, Marea, and Elephantine were garrisoned.

The solution for Georges Radet - who believed, following the traditional history, that Amasis II ruled Egypt at this time - accepted a nominal submission to Cyrus in order to stave off an impending Persian military advance on the country. Tribute was paid, but the country remained essentially independent.