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Hi Charles,

I guess - sort of a gut feeling - that YHWH is a word with a number of (more or less secret and arcane) meanings in Hebrew and perhaps also in Egyptian.

Maybe HWH - on one level - means both "to destroy" and "to form or create"? 'Hawah' in the Arab language seems to carry connotations like "air, atmosphere; to fall" and maybe "to cause destruction" as well.

Perhaps YHWH was looked upon by the Jews as "the one who both creates and destroys"? It is often claimed that YHWH is a form of the verb "to be", so that it would mean "He (that) is". But that does not seem to be the case. "To be" is more like HWA (he-vav-aleph). And so it is supposed that HWH is an extremely old (and no longer used) form of the verb which means "to be" (HWA).

Who really knows?

Another strange thing about YHWH is that it seems to have been held so holy by the Jews that no one was allowed to even pronounce the word. Instead it was read as 'Adonai' (ADNI), "My Lord". 'Adon' (ADN) sounding - as observed by Ahmed Osman - a lot like the Egyptian 'Aten'.

Looks to me as if the Jews - at least on one level - regarded YHWH as a god who caused both good and evil. The Gnostics, on the other hand, seem to have regarded the Jewish god as altogether evil, a lower form of creator or artisan god - a 'Demiurge'.

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