Clarification too!
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Mr. Harbard,

I hope you do not mind my quoting you but you seem so level headed and calm.(Not a baby basher)

In depth research has shown that many dynasties coexisted at the same time. It is no coincidence that the stele of Ramses II sits side by side with that of Esarhaddon (there is that Sar word again). James Henry Breasted tells the story correctly but it is necessary to correct the dates in your mind. The delta alone had 20 lords not including the Assyrians or the Kushites.

The idea of 12 chiefs, 12 tribes, and 12 kings was universal. I am sure you can explain this! (home of one of Mr. Popes best supporters) compares Ramses II to Necho and contemporary of Nebuchadnezzar (the zar word again) but in the years of 600 BC.

Mr. Popes 18th dynasty dates are correct in fact both are correct if you throw out 8 dynasties of rubbish with the bath water.