In Response To: Bathwater ()


Since you cited some of the stuff I wrote last summer, I went and looked through that again and I found this statement of mine:

'...the opening letters of the so-called "Ten Commandments" read: "Anoki Yah-Hawah..." (in Hebrew letters: ANKIYHWH) which sounds to me like a trim little creation story: Anoki ("I am") Yah (the Male) Hawah (the Female), thus presenting (like the Top Triad of the Qabbalah Tree of Life) the universal principles of Unity, Action and Passivity, or Consciousness, Movement and Matter, or the Trinity if you like.'

Sounds quite pretty but I guess I was totally wrong. Hebrew letters are quite tricky and a he is most easily mistaken for a che. Thus 'hawah' is probably not "female" but 'chawah' may be (at least it is related to Mother Eve in the Book of Genesis).

Somewhat shockingly I found out that 'hawah' (he-vav-he) rather seems to carry meanings like "wickedness, mischief, calamity, destruction", and so forth, which would make Yahweh (yod-he-vav-he) mean something like "He that causes destruction" or "the Destroyer", which on second thought may seem quite proper (judging from the bad shape of the world having been more or less ruled by the advocates of that particular god for some 2000 years).

Just a paranthesis.