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Mr. Pope,

I think that you are trying to hard to be too perfect! You have shoved “Tantamon” to 461 BC. This make you just as bad as the “bad guys”.

Tantamon on you search engine for the last 4 years shows zero results. Who is this guy? So I went to the library and found a 1941 copy of James Henry Breasted, who on page 558 states that around 663 BC, Taharka accepted a son of Shabaka, named “Tanutamon” ruler over “Upper Egypt” and would reside in Thebes.

Taharka was a match for Horemheb and Shabaka appears a very important person. “Sha” was equal to ruler per Helge Harbard (1June 2006).

Sar = Czar = Sir

Tanutamun smells like king Tut and you chart 5a is proof of that at the same date. We may be babies but we are not the bath water!

'Ra', of course, in Egyptian, is the name of the Sun and the great Sun-god Ra, as well as the life-force that permeates all creation. Therefore, it also means "action, work" and "to do". 'Rai' is "light, flame, fire". In Hebrew, 'ra-ah' (RAH) means "to see", and 'marah' (MRAH) is "mirror". (Helge)

Mr. Pope, if you keep shoving us down the hole, then you become like them! No better, no worse.


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