Hekawset ruler of Thebes
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My dear Mr. Pope,

It was at your pleasure that you linked us to the Sun Eagle web site. REBrammer asserts that Ahmose II was one and the same as Ramose II. (570 to 526 BC)

Amenhotep II, Amenhotep IV, Tutankhamen, and later Rameses III claim the title as ruler of “Anu” which apears to be Heliopolis (and future Babylon of Egypt).

Amenhotep III claimed title to Thebes only. Maybe Cadmus & Creon (greek play) really was/were the first king of Thebes!

Ramess II does not make any major claims other than that his mother was “Tuya”. (Tuya was also the Queen mother of Queen Ty ) Ahmose II was a half brother to Amenhotep IV.

Amasis II has been titled as the last the “Greatest builder” in Egyptian history (now Greek)! How is this possible? Did Ahmose II rebuild every single statue, doorway, building, monument and temple that Rameses the Great had built?

I agree that REBrammer has not kept his site up to date and that it does “smell of mold”, but to date no one has stepped to the plate to discuss the merits of his outlandish conclusions”.

His dates appear to agree with yours! (Not sure why you dais-like this fellow)

Lucky me, we are only about half-year and thank Zeus that my teacher does not read the web. (I hope)

Hekawset = ruler of thebes


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