Jacob the Monument Grabber
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Poor etiquete advertizing your as yet unpublished theory and "grabbing" the spotlight!

In the recent study of the Iliad I came across an interesting tidbit. Robert Graves writes in The Greek Myths (Chapter 158.l.), "But Laomedon cheated the gods of their pay and earned their bitter resentment. This was the reason why he and all his sons - except Podarces, now renamed Priam - perished in Heracles's sack of Troy."

Laomedon ("ruler of the people") corresponds to Ramses the Great, who incorporated the Jacob typecasting (among others) into his royal makeup. It is now known that many of his monuments were actually usurped from his predecessors, in particular Amenhotep III. In effect, he cheated them of their "name", and in some cases probably also the income required to sustain their mortuary cults, i.e., their "pay".

This presents a problem for your idea. Specifically, how could Ramses II have been a contemporary of Amenhotep III and also usurp his monuments while Amenhotep III was still living and ruling? What's more, Ramose disappears from the archaeological record about Year 32 of Amenhotep III, which indicates that he may have even predeceased Amenhotep III.


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