Removing the Blinders

Thanks Eddie, I don't wish to be overly critical of Robert Eisenman or his books. He has given the public an amazingly comprehensive body of research. It's making it very easy (for me at least) to finish connecting the dots, so to speak.

Robert Eisenman is Jewish, but from what I have heard about him from Joe Atwill, he is entirely sincere in his search for a greater understanding of Biblical history. He doesn't hide his indignation over the duplicity and intolerance he finds in the Biblical narratives. Yet, the need for duplicity is more logical, if not excusable, when one recognizes the characters as Herodian, as well as the Herodian dilemma within a Roman world. To their credit, the Biblical authors (as well as Josephus) did encode the information needed to reconstruct the actual history and relationships.

I also grew up very religious. It hasn't been easy to de-program myself and begin to see again.

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