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glad you brought up eisenman, mr. pope. Wonder why i always call you 'mr pope' rather than charles. You seem so wise that i have this image of you being 80--thousand years old and the pater always told me never to address older folks by first name. Pleased i am addressing someone who's more ancient than ancient moi.

in any event, eisenman, at least in his james book, lauds helena and izates while he lambasts the herods. He certainly scolds the herods for their sexual pecadillos......among their other 'sins' in eisenman's eyes. Yet, am i not correct in thinking that, like a number of hellenistic royals, helena was the sister of her husband....thus making izates progeny of an incestuous union. I can't figure out why eisenman doesn't use the same criteria in judging the adiabene crew that he uses for the herod folks

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