Izates and Jesus
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Good segway for Chapter 3 of Eisenman's new book where he revists Helen and her "only begotten" favorite eldest son Izates.

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I early speculated (in the first post above) that Izates was an identity of Jesus. According to Eisenman Izates disappears from the scene around 55-58 AD. However, this was the approximate date that Aristobulus III (Herodian identity of Jesus) was appointed king in Armenia (including Edessa). Izates younger brother Monobazus is thought to have succeeded Izates, but doesn't seem to do anything important until 63 AD, the approximate time of Aristobulus III's death.

Monobazus would appear to be an identity of John son of Zebedee, who came to the forefront after the deaths of Jesus and James. However, Helen (an identity of Mary mother of Jesus) had at least four other sons besides Jesus, so even if it is agreed that Jesus was her "favorite", the identity of Monobazus is less certain.

The identity of Agbarus, who assumed the role of Abraham, is equally challenging. Earlier I speculated that he was Simon Magus (Herodian Tigranes), who became an infamous partner of Helen. Recall that Abraham (Djehuty) was also a Simeon/Thoth, and that he had a secondary Osiris typecasting. Helen becomes "Sarah" and her son Izates is adopted by Agbarus even as Isaac son of Sarah was adopted by Abraham.

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