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Thank you Oscar! I had not heard about it. I wonder why the world wide new services did not cover it? Or, perhaps, I missed it?

It is interesting that, at least according to Papal authorities, no one has yet become interested enough to peer into the capsule, IE a body with a detached head, might well equal Paul? But leaving everyone in suspense? Rediculous, and self effacing of the church to do so.

It certainly reminds me of the sudden appearance of the relics of other saints in the RC world over the last 500 or so years. Like St. Mark's body appearing in a "pillar" of the church after something like 500 years, etc. Even the so called recovery of his body from Egypt is a story from fantasyland!

There is something "rotten in Denmark" and it's not Limburger cheese!

I suppose that there might be a reason that they have not examined the remains (if any) since there may be reason to believe that literally hundreds (if not thousands) of St. Paul's remains still exist(offically recognized by the church) in various Catholic churches around the world.

So, what would they do if a complete skeleton was found in the tomb? But such has been the case for many years and for many saints!

Oh well this church has faced numerous embarassments over the centuries and survived! Perhaps it will again?


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