Ramses Returns to Luxor?
In Response To: The mummy of Ramses I ()

There is an excellent article in the current issue of KMT magazine about the mummy tentatively identified as Ramses I. The article concludes that the mummy probably is not that of Ramses I but one of the other missing pharaonic mummies. Although the style of mummification is consistent with the early 19th Dynasty, carbon dating places it after 1000 BC. The author speculates that the mummy might belong to pharaoh Aye or Horemheb, or even a much later pharaoh, Ramses XI.

In my model there are far fewer missing mummies. Ramses XI is one and the same as Pinedjem I, so this identification would not be possible. The mummy of Pinedjem was once known, and there are pictures of the mummy in some books. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the mummy is no longer known!

The mummies of the Libyan pharaohs are missing in the standard model, with the exception of Sheshonq II. It has been shown here that many of the Libyan pharaohs went on to become pharaohs of the greater Egyptian throne. See Chart 18:

However, most of these Libyan pharaohs correspond to Egyptian pharaohs whose mummies are also missing!

The 20th Dynasty pharaohs also turned out to correspond to other better known pharaohs, whose mummies were missing.

(An asterik in the table below indicates that the mummy is missing.)

Sheshonq I = Aye*
Osorkon I = Sena'a*
Takelot I = Merymose*
Sheshonq II = Aye B (mummy of Sheshonq II was decayed beyond recognition at Tanis)
Harsiese A = ?*
Takelot II = Ramses I*
Osorkon II = Horemheb*
Pedubastet I = Nakhtmin/Aperel (analysis of Aperel's tomb incomplete)
Pimay = Ramses II
Takelot IV = Ramses Khaemnejter/Bay/Shabaka*
Rudamon = Piye/Sargon II* (body of Sargon was believed captured by enemies after an ambush)
Psusennes I = Ramses III/Cyrus I
Psusennes II = Cambyses I (co-burial with Sheshonq II at Tanis badly decayed)
? = Ramses IV
Osorkon IV = Ramses V/Esarhaddon
Siamun = Ramses VI/Nebuchadrezzar
Bakenkhonsu = Amenhotep/Tanuatamon/Ramses VII/Cambyses II*
Osorkon III = Amen/Seth-hirkhepeshef/Ramses VIII/Assurdan III*
Psamtek/Necho = Taharqa/Ramses IX/Asyges
Psamtek II = Tanuatamon/Ramses X*/Teuman
Pinedjem I = Ramses XI/Shalmanexer V (mummy once known but now gone missing)