What came first?
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Mr. Hughes,

Perhaps you have miss-understood my hypothesis. I am in no way discounting what reed boats can or can not do, but merely imply that the Olmec/Tamoanchan/Mayan ship builders did not use reed. This is not an assumption. Did Hyerdahl transport 30 ton stones on his boats? The “Kon-Tiki” was built of balsa wood!

His reed boat “RA” fell apart after several weeks. Ra II did much better but would not last more than several years.

Acacia-Koa and their relative gum bearing trees could withstand salt water for over 100 years and are still in use to this day in the islands. Islanders respect them as a “holy” tree. If I were “Noah” I do believe I would build a boat that would not fall apart!

The main issue here is…who visited who first? We both know that Egyptian dates are worthless, thus the question is back to…how has Mesoamerican history been dated?


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