Two Capstones *LINK*


In the myth of Seven Sisters, the Seventh was "lost".

As we all know very well, the Pleiades are Seven, Alcyone central to the other 6. Or 7? Suggestion of a "Lost Pleiad". Seven Sisters mythologies are included in the hundred or so google items for 'lost pleiad'.

Of course entrenched Science knows what happened way over there, way back when, and where that star was located.

Kukulkan celebrates the Pleiades. Maybe the Pleistocene ended with the electric 'collision' of two stars, extinguishing one. A common fate for the most common type of stars, usually binaries.

It is conceivable that the Missing Capstone represents an achievement that was destroyed and buried under mud at the close of the Pleistocene.

But aren't all of the pyramids on the "Past" side of the Nile? It is too curious to be accidental that a culture of builders would acknolwedge the "Future" by keeping it clear.

The Missing Capstone commemorates what was lost and implies restoration.

Placement of the gold-plated capstone scheduled for 12/31/99 was canceled in mid-December.

The GP models the planet and solar system. Riddles are solved with the key that it WAS intended as a burial chamber, but only symbolic. The planetary life was buried, then arose again. The sarcophagus/cave was found empty.