Siptah (Achilles ) and Ramses V (Orestes)
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I think the new book I saw thta discussed Siptah and polio was:

Mummies and Death in Egypt, Françoise Dunand and Roger Lichtenberg. Cornell University Press, 2006.

If I recall correctly this book also mentioned the disease that Ramses V suffered from was probably small pox. Ramses V is the Egyptian identity of Esarhaddon and the Greek Orestes (who was plagued by the Erinnyes). Recall that Orestes was the son of Agamemnon (Tiglath-pileser III).

Mummy of Ramses V
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Ramses V and Small Pox
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(other rulers killed by small pox)

Ramses V and Siptah
(this page discusses the small pox of Ramses V and the polio of Siptah)