Not reed boats, gumbo!
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Mr. Pope,

This portion is not apart of our senior project but rather a chapter in my current history class.

The mother civilization to the Mayans was the Olmec or “Tamoanchan”. The Olmec (the gum people) carved stone heads that were between 6’ and 14’ in height with facial features of Pacific Ocean Indians, much akin to Tongans, Kanakas and Samoan. Notice how “Tamoan” is close in spelling to “Samoan” therefore it is reasonable to suggest that the mother culture to the pacific islanders originated in Central America!

These folks did “not” build their boats out of reed but rather used the more durable Acacia hard wood much like the Acacia-Koa wood used by the Kanakas from the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). Mature Koa leaves are strong and resist saltwater making them great for lodging and sealing boats.

According to several sources the Acacia tree was originally native to North America (Utah). Various species of Acacia yield gum (the gum people).

Acacia Seyal is thought to be the shittah tree of the Bible, which supplied shittim-wood for Noah’s ark (Kopher). This was used in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant. The major problem with this tree is that in general its bark is used as animal feed and its wood as a fuel. This does not seem to be a wood that would respect like Koa (Kaopher) holds to the Island people. Koa is most respected and protected by law.

Specimens found on Easter Island included oars and paddles made from Mata Koa-koa. Many of the spear-heads were fastened to their poles by lashings of hemp.

Besides having a written language, they were navigators and sky watchers.

The most critical factor in comparing the chronology of the Olmec and the Mayan civilization is in discovering if an independent time calculation was used and totally unconnected to the bogus dating used by Egyptologist.


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