"Stump of a Firebrand"
In Response To: Achilles' Heel & Siptah ()

Thanks, it seems to be the same photo on different sites. In the last book I read on the subject of Egyptian mummies, the author stated categorically that polio was the cause, but I don't know how much confidence to place on that assessment. I ran across it in a bookstore, and no longer remember the book title. If Siptah was crippled from birth or early childhood, then that would certainly make the characterization of Siptah in the Iliad much more of a farce (than it already is considered to be). The Biblical characterization of Siptah as a "stump of a firebrand" indicates he was already a cripple at the time of his success against Ahaz/Takelot III. The speed of Achilles was then only figurative, and reflected his decisiveness in battle.