Does anyone know how Mesoamerica is dated?

This is of extreme importance when comparing the two histories (Mesoamerica vs. Mesopotamia) because Mesoamerican dating could be older as long as it is “not” tied to the current corrupt system used in Egypt.

Both cultures were “Children of the Sun” and both had technology.

Mesoamerica goes back to 1500 BC to a unique people who had a written language, drainage systems, and class of full time artisans and engineers. They were able to navigate the waterways of Mexico to move large stone heads that were carved without the use of metal.

If one were to accept Mr. Pope’s dating (as we do) then the Tamoanchan (Olmec) were older than the 18th dynasty of Egypt.

So who came first?

Is it possible that the Phoenicians came from Central America? Egyptian mummies do show a connection to the Coca plant.


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