Alexander the Great and Achilles

Thanks Eddie, it was another piece of the puzzle unexpectedly coming together!

Not sure the names Epaphos and Epaphroditus are that closely related, other than that Epaphos (as Horus) was associated with Aphrodite (as Isis). Probably Epaphroditus was a Herodian sympathizer within the Roman elite, much as the Flavians also became.

Alexander the Great fancied himself as a new Achilles (Ramses-Siptah). In terms of typecasting Ramses-Siptah was of the Benjamin-Joshua type, that is a youthful conquerer born to his father (a Jacob-figure) in his old age. A previous example of this type was Gudea son/grandson of Sargon the Great. So likely Alexander had also been born to one of the Persian Great Kings in his old age, and therefore was a close relation of Darius III.

The name Darius was connected to Osorkon (Libyan Osiris/Issachar). But, I don't think we know enough about Darius III to get a fix on his own personal typecasting. Certainly, after he was overthrown by Alexander, Darius would have been considered something of a Naram-Sin (Thoth/Simeon-type), who had been overthrown by Gudea. The Persian kings venerated Thoth (in the form of Ahura Mazda) and Osiris (as Mithra/Aruna) above all other gods. So, there was ample symbolism that could be exploited by Alexander to justify his usurpation. Specifically, he could claim that he as a Benjamin was fated to defeat Darius III as a Simeon, and turn him into an Issachar.