Greece and the Egyptian New Kingdom, and the Persi

Great job on the Greeks, Charles, I found it very, very interesting. Here are some points:

In “The Fall of Troy as a defining Moment” you suggest that: “The founding of a Dynasty by ‘Epaphos’ several generations prior to the fall of Troy probably is a memory of Apophis.” This reminded me of our old friend Epaphroditus, friend of Paul and possible regicider! Could he (Epaphroditus) have been a prince himself? Does his name say something to those with ‘ears to hear?’

I also really liked your genealogy of Alexander the Great. I always thought that he had to feel himself entitled to his conquests (an actual heir to the thrones of Egypt and Persia) to actually carry them off. I also like your idea that he may have been a brother or step-brother of Darius III. I can’t help thinking that if Darius had survived (he was murdered by his own generals,) Alexander could have turned him and replaced him on the Persian throne as a vassal. The generals, in effect, saved an independent Persia by killing Darius before Alexander could rescue him. When Alexander died his three top generals could only hold on to Greece, Palestine, and Egypt. Persia was lost shortly after Alexander’s death. Thus, Alexander needed Darius. Perhaps Alexander, an an Enlil type, burned Susa down because he knew he could never hold it without his Enki, Darius!

Great stuff!

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