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Mr. Pope,

I’m a little confused!

According to conventional history, Siptah (Merenptah) was the son of Seti II and Queen Tiaa.

Siptah had a club foot, much like Meribbaal son of Jonathan, son of Saul. Several interpreters agree that Meribbaal means one who fights with Ba’al (the Master).

After the death of Saul and Jonathan, David was declared king. Meribbaal (pasak-nekeh the Limp-lame) was only five years old when he became crippled and hardly a threat. Meribbaal’s uncle Ishbaal, (son of Saul) would be murdered by supporters of David.

David stated that he would show “the lovingkindness of God” (reciprocal kindness) to the house of Saul and the young man’s lameness whom was of no military/political threat.

Funny as it may seem, but Sequenenre-Tao II was murdered just like Ishbaal. Tao II (the brave) was the last threat of his family to the house of David.

Meribbaal (pasak-nekeh the Limp-lame) appears to be the same Psametik (pasak-nekeh) family. Psametik I (664-610) was under control of the Assyrians. (Hyksos…yes the Assyrians first time free information)

Is it possible that you’re Siptah (Merenptah) was Psametik II (595-589) or take your pick!