Ramses-Siptah and Achilles
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According to the "Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt" (p 160), Ramses the Great in fact did have a prominent son named Ramses-Siptah by the princess Sutererey. This Ramses-Siptah is designated as "A", because he is not considered to be one and the same as the pharaoh Ramses-Siptah "B" (who changed his name to Merenptah Siptah). However, it seems likely that they were one and the same, and that this prince was born to Ramses II late in his reign. Ramses II died in his late sixties (and not in his nineties as Egyptologists believe), therefore it is not unreasonable that at least one of of his numerous royal sons was sired late in his reign. Nothing is known about Sutererey. The mother of pharaoh Siptah is thought to be Tiaa, which is a highly generic queenly epithet.

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