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Hi again,

I checked some online criticism of the work of Marcel Griaule. For example:

Perhaps these critic voices have some point here, after all. It is possible, of course, that the French ethnologists in some subtle ways had the Dogon elders tell them the things they wanted to hear. Obviously, it seems that Marcel Griaule was well versed in astronomy and maybe knew about Sirius as a double or triple star.

Well, when it comes to myself, my interest is not centered on the Sirius issue (and certainly not on some "extra-terrestrial ancestors") but on the traditional myths and cosmology of people like the Dogon that may - in remarkable and mysterious ways - be in tune with the modern scientific understanding and thus reflect reality also in the modern sense.

Its hard to imagine that all the stories and the whole unified creation myth of the Dogon would in some ways have been "made up" by the researchers. But, as always, you cannot be too sure. Tricky business this unmasking of the mysterious past!