Predicated Understanding
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I am a senior in a very progressive high school in southern California where we are encouraged to think “Out-side” the box. Better stated, not except everything you see, hear, read or are taught!

Both Mr. Pope and El-REB’s beliefs are predicated on “not excepting traditional history and the dating” thereof. After exhaustive research I and several classmates have determined that the mummy labeled as “Usermonthu” is indeed an 18th dynasty subject, that died sometime after 600 BC. This is to say, that we also do not accept traditional dating as presented in most history books.

It would be futile to carry on any discussion with anyone who does not come to that same conclusion. For our purposes, my classmates and I have gone so far as to assert that Ramose II (Ramesses the Great) was actually a contemporary to Akhenaten.

Recently, Aaron Russo released a movie called “America Freedom to Fascism”, which shows that no law exists, that requires the average American to pay income tax on their private pay. Despite this; 98% of the population, do believe that they are required.

I do not agree 100% with of the findings of either Mr. Pope or El-REB, but you can be for sure that they are not sheep being led to the slaughterhouse of ignorance.

TITAN son of Zeus