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Hi Charles,

I wish I had the time to delve into ancient Greece and follow your present explorations in that area but I´m sorry I haven´t.

Generally, though, as I´ve mentioned before, I think it´s fairly safe to say that there´s almost always a cosmic or astrological (or astronomical if you like) dimension to all ancient story and myth, whether intended or as an inevitable result of everything´s inherent interconnectedness. And this is certainly so in the case of stories like The Odyssey, The Iliad and The Argonauts as well as stories such as that of Hercules and his twelve labours.

Right now, I´m into African mythology and symbolism (mainly that of the Dogon people of West Africa) and the way it seems to correspond to modern scientific myth.

Recommended reading: "The Science of the Dogon - Decoding the African Mystery Tradition" by Laird Scranton.


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