Cleo-patra and Kara-Maatra
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Thought that would push one of your buttons Agakles!

Arguably Isis-Maat(-kare), a.k.a. Macaria, Karamat, Maacah, etc., was the first pharaoh rather than her adopted son Horus.

Interestingly, women can dominate in both primitive and advanced societies. In primitive societies, because men do not take responsibility for their offspring or world and aren't expected to. In advanced societies, because these are governed by the rule of law rather than brawn. But I don't think the goal is domination by one sex or the other.

I don't really want to get caught up in a debate over whether Matriarchal or Patriarchal societies are best or the most ancient. For me, the objective is a society that is both harmonious and progressive. A difficult balance to achieve, and one that requires both masculine and feminine energies (practiced by both men and women in varying degrees).


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