O Say Do I Odysseus?

A month ago I couldn't spell Odysseus and now I own his Odyseass.

It's interesting that the Romans did not care much for Odysseus, or Ulysses as they called him. Latin writers, such as Enrique Eglesias and Ricky Martin (just kidding, try Ovid instead), paint him as a dissolute scam artist. He is scarcely mentioned in the Aeneid, written from the side of the (spoiled-sport) Trojans.

We now have positive i.d. on Odysseus as the Egyptian Prince Ihtesamun, a "son" of Takelot III. But who was the upright treker Aeneas, hailed as forefather and role model of self-controlled and civic-minded Romulans?

Guess I could spill the beans on him too (and if Thucydidian ideas of history are our guide, most likely will). But let's shoot for a little more drama this time. This is going to be "really big" (to quote the movie JFK), at least as far as our beloved and humble species Homo Stupendius is concerned.

Any comments from the Mystery Theatre 2000 gallery?