Salt and Salvation
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We tend to take salt for granted in these modern times of refrigeration and artificial preservatives. I was reading that Americans consume so much preservatives that they are partially mummified before they even die. Also, the foods we eat have plenty of salt, so there is no need to supplement, unless you live in the South! (Note: There was less dependency in the colder north on salt, and therefore salty food did not became a part of their culture as in the south.)

I would think the need for salt became far greater AFTER the Ice Age when there was no longer permanent ice laying around to preserve food. Also, you might think that active geological sites, such as volcanoes and geysers would have extremely popular during the Ice Age. These areas typically have a high mineral concentrations as well. A volcano was understandably a "sacred mountain", but it had a nasty habit of killing off the squatters from time to time, and burying all trace of their remains forever. The discovery of the city of Akritiri on Santorini was apparently a very lucky find.