Esther and Atossa
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The Persian king in the Book of Esther is Ahasuerus (Achashverowsh or Achashrosh in Hebrew), but translated as Xerxes (as in the NIV).

Here's some interesting Bible commentary:

"Ahasuerus - Many suppose this to be Darius Hystapas, for his kingdom was thus vast, and he subdued India, as Herodotus reports: and one of his wives was called Atossa, differing little from Hadassah, which is Esther's other name."

The name Ahasuerus connotes "brother of Cyrus/Koresh". Unfortunately, this name could apply to both Darius and to the father of Darius, as each was brother to a Cyrus. Darius was brother of Cyrus II. His father was brother to Cyrus I.

Also, it is interesting that Haman son of Hammedatha was an Agagite or Bougaean. Agag is an more sinister variant of Adad (Egyptian god Horus the Elder, Hebrew Judah). Bougaean sounds similar to Boutid, a leading family of Greece at this time.

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