Re: "Esther and MIthra!"

Charles, I am sure you have noticed in the Biblical passages that the kings of Persia mentioned that they shared the same religion as did those so called Israelites which they found themeselves endowed with! That is, they prayed or appealed to the same god or gods that did the Israelites!

Interestingly also, is the fact that modern archaeologists and historians agree that the cult of Mithra (a religion which has so many correlations with Christianity) which was reportedly taken by Roman troops from Persia to Rome by the Roman Legions! As a matter of fact?, the head of this church was a "pope" or "poppa", and the worshihp centre was on the exact place where later on St. Peter's Basilica was built!

Later in history, another religion was seen to come from Persia, it was then called? What did it have in common with either of the above?

I will leave it to you to determine what I am speaking of.




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