Homecoming of Agamem-ron
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Obviously calling noble Pisander "Piss Ant" was a rather crude and inappropriate joke. But the DomainOfMan is not about settling for a pull-up jump-shot when you can do a between-the-legs, 360-degree slamma-jamma. (Welcome back NBA!)

I've been hinting that names like Peisander and Peisistratos are suspiciously similar to Piso. It's still not clear what was the precise relation between Peisistratos of Athens and the main line of Persian kings, but we're getting warmer. It should however be quite clear by now that there was no "Dark Age" in Greece following the Trojan War, but that this conflict led directly into the Classical Age. It should also be apparent that the same dynamics applied (and the same persons were involved) in the development of both Greece and Rome.

You are a good sport in being "sacrificed" to the gods to assure the success of this latest enterprise. I rename you Agamemron, the "very resolute" seeker of ancient knowledge, whose best quality is the lack of self-discipline. Well, it's not a family value, but often effective when conducting research, you know, the meandering path of the serpent.