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Chalrles, you wrote;

"However, the prince variously named as Paser (Mayor of Thebes in the reign of Taharqa/Ramses IX), Pasenhor, Pishanhuru, or Ankh-hor probably corresponds to a rival of Odysseus called Pisander/Peisander (a.k.a. Piss Ant for short, sorry couldn’t resist that one!)."

Certainly a good pun! But considering the possible meaning of his name, one might consider that it actually meant "Fish man", or "passing man", or "stepping man", especially since "ander" means man, as in Alex-ander"

Possibly "Fish man" could be compared to Jesus, or the Egyptian god(ess) Hapi?

Of course "Piss Man" could also work, like "piss boy" in the movie "History of the World part ?" LOL



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